Pedestrian Safety Campaign 
Pedestrian traffic accidents are on the rise in New Mexico and its a serious problem that is impacting lives around the state. We were charged with creating a state-wide campaign to raise awareness to the issue and place equal responsibility on drivers and pedestrians to save lives.

This was a multi layered campaign including bus wraps, posters, handouts and other merch items with the theme of "Look For Me". In doing interviews with people who were in accidents, we found the theme of "i never saw them coming" to be the most common. Our entire concept came from this idea, where we place equal responsibility on drivers and pedestrians, to be actively aware of their surroundings and look out for each other.

The direction was to create a bold graphic with a simple message that would demand attention. Using silhouettes of different types of pedestrians and vehicles, we hoped to connect with different types of people and engage them on a personal level. We used dual messaging in the campaign with Green (Go) speaking to pedestrians, and red (Stop) speaking to drivers. It was a lot of fun to work on this project and I really hope it can affect some real change, and most importantly save some lives.

Client: New Mexico DOT (NMDOT)
Agency: VWK
Art Direction and Design: Christopher Kosek
Creative Direction and Copy: Nick Tauro
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