The Emodo FIVE Podcast is an award winning Marketing Podcast created by Emodo. Season 1 was all about 5G, separating hype from myth, and providing a clear, curb-side view of what’s coming around the corner. In Season 2 we jump into AI and its profound impact on marketing now and in the future. There’s a lot of uncertainty around the term, AI. Every company has a different definition and uses it in a different way. 
For Season 2 we needed a new look to match our updated Brand Refresh, while being its own separate brand. My concept was pretty basic, be bright, energetic, smart and positive, while staying away from genre tropes such as "robots", "digital texture stuff"and "things that look like brains". I settled on a system of dots with external inputs that are networked together, that change form and shape based on the topics of each episode. The goal was to illustrate in simple terms, an AI actually coming up with solutions. 
Season 3 turned its focus to innovation and a new visual direction was designed. We knew we would have a very diverse lineup of podcast guests taking about a myriad of subjects as well as a need to drop new episodes bi-weekly, so a simple and flexible system would be needed. Avoiding tech industry tropes, I turned to visual metaphor with these swirl like textures. Color, pattern, movement could all be chosen for each episode and it spoke to the things that make up innovation...movement, unpredictability, controlled chaos, transitions, contrast, bright ideas(color) etc. Only using colors from the basic company color kit, I was able to design a system that feels like its own thing while staying within the Emodo Brand. 
Season 3
There was a need to create more engaging social content to promote the podcast and we wanted to move to video. Producing traditional motion graphics is labor intensive and costly for a small team so I found a web based platform called Wave.Video. A browser based platform designed to create social video in numerous formats, it has a wonderful AI powered Auto Caption feature, that could take a sound clip from the episode and turn it into animated text. Adding a few extra elements from each episode, and using its auto resize tools, I could now design a dozen social sound clip videos in an afternoon instead of spending a week or more. These videos played very well and helped with engagement on Linkedin, that directly translated to podcast episode listens. 
Season 2
Quotes for Social Media
For each episode, we pulled a series of quotes that we could use on social media to promote and drive traffic to check out the episode that would complement the cover art. I designed a scalable system to incorporate quotes of different lengths.
Motion Trailer
Season 1 Transition
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