Fatherhood #1
Published by Challenger Comics
Written By Ryan K Lindsay
Art By Daniel Schneider 
Colors By Paulina Ganucheau
Letters By Brandon DeStefano
Design by Christopher Kosek

I had the opportunity to join a team of talented up and comming comic creators to design this one-shot, 27 page comic. The story is a pulp inspired noir about a father going to extreme lengths to make his child happy. For the cover design direction I chose to play off the menacing illustration of the main character with large amounts of white space to create an interesting dichotomy that would only hint at the noir undertones of the story and intrigue a potential reader to pick the book up. 
This comic made its debut at the 2013 Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. The art direction for the cover also considered that this book would be competing for attention and sales in the crowded "artist alley" section of the convention. Creating a cover that would visually stand out from the crowd was a very important factor in the overall direction.
The Story:
When a father can't get the doll for his estranged daughter, he snaps emotionally and enters a pulp landscape where he has the power to do what he needs. This noir crash of a one-shot looks at how far you would go to make your child happy, and could you go too far?

Originally available in a limited print run and currently available digitally via comixology
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