The ENDWI app

An educational and informational tool kit created to raise drunk driving safety awareness, so you can make good choices when out drinking. This app is for educational / entertainment purposes only and the calculations should not be used to determine whether a person is able to drive. Do not drink and drive.

Traditional advertising and awareness campaigns tend to become white noise after a while, so a new approach was taken to engage people and make them aware of the choices they are making. Getting a free app onto Android and Apple smartphones to help reach an important audience in a new way.

I served as the lead designer on the project working closely with developers to bring this project to life.

Additionally, I was very active with the the accompanying promotional campaign for the project. Including traditional print ads, wild postings on college campuses, and street level promo items such as bar coasters, coffee sleeves, johnny boards and other items that took advantage of QR codes to engage potential users.

Client: NMDOT
Agency: VWK
Art Direction and Design: Christopher Kosek
Creative Direction: Nick Tauro
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