The Crossroads of the World is a very unique and historic office complex on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Built in 1936 by the widow of a notorious Los Angeles mobster who was murdered on the site, its seen its fair share of colorful history. Starting off as one of L.A.’s first shopping malls and evolving into an office complex, it has been a witness to and participant in the history of Hollywood. Standing today as one of the last remaining examples of Art Deco Architecture and serving as a living monument to the golden age of Hollywood, this property is a living icon on Sunset Blvd. I mixed historical images and texts pulled from libraries and private collections with my original photography, writing and an in-depth interview with the owners, culminating itself in the form of a 220 page book measuring 10” wide by 12.5” tall. Printed in limited edition on a digital press with case-wrap binding and several tip-ins, this robust book tells the complete story of this iconic relic of old Hollywood.
A flip through teaser of this project can be viewed at:
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