Comics Design

Mitch Hammer: Logo and Cover design. This is a fun action comic about a construction worker who beats up mutant bad guys. I played up on construction themed color and visuals to create subtle texture around the cover art.
All 3 issues of the series together
Inside and Back Cover treatments
Transience: Design and Production work for the Kickstarter based digital comics anthology. I was challenged with creating a mysterious Sci-Fi-like design system to bring together a series of stories around central themes.The design concept uses microscope photography reframed and colored to look cosmic, using abstract imagery to play up the micro and macro of cosmic spaces.
Chapter Title Page designs. We decided to use a double page spread to break up the narrative and ease the reader into the next story with a different creative team. Each chapter is unique in color and imagery, but has an overarching theme that unifies its to the book. 
Fresh Romance: Design and Production work for issues 1-7 of the digital comics anthology magazine Fresh Romance, published by Rosy Press. Each issue featured 3-4 ongoing short stories as well as letters, advice columns and process pages.
Cover artists clockwise from left: Marguerite Sauvage, Babs Tarr, Kevin Wada
Headspace: Design for the backmatter and essay section of the comic Headspace published by Monkeybrain and IDW. Writer Ryan K Lindsay invited his frequent editor and collaborator Dan Hill to write a series of essays that dealt with themes explored in the comic to be included in the back of each digital issue.
The Golden Age: Logo, Cover and Credits page. The design for this was subtle and timeless. The story revolves around a young girl in a war-torn country finding inspiration and courage from a stash of old comic books. It was important to use color and design that complemented the youthful watercolored artwork.
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