2017 Lithy Awards

Event design for the 2017 Lithys award show. Design included environmental signage, collateral, presentations and social promotions.

Each year Lithium holds an competition and award show for its social media management customers. The 2017 event was held at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco, CA.
Process: After a site visit, the design process begins with a pencil and paper. Working fast on a template built by my signage vendor I was able to quickly sketch out ideas and make design notes before going into the computer to start building graphics. A large portion of the final design choices were discovered here and mixed together once I went digital. 
Process: Using my sketches I was able to go into the computer and start designed comps at scale. The following represents the final designs that were printed on material to be placed over the windows. The idea was to have opaque and transparent areas to let in light but also brand the space in a fun way.
And sometimes the event photographer gets a shot of your team snapchatting with our event filter.
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